A Home Warranty Inspection or Owner Builder Inspection is carried out as a final check of works completed by an owner builder as a requirement of home warranty insurance cover. The inspection is to ensure there are no incomplete works or major defects. Home warranty insurance provides a set period of cover for loss caused by defective or incomplete work in the event of the death, disappearance, or insolvency of the contractor/builder/owner-builder.

From 1 February 2012, home warranty insurance is required to be obtained where the contract price (or value of work) is over $20,000. We carry out home warranty inspections / Owner Builder Inspections for bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, additions, extensions, alterations, new homes, subdivisions, duplexes, dual occupancies, units and villa developments. A home owner warranty report is a report that is designed to outline all of the defects (structural or cosmetic) or incorrectly completed work in a property built by an owner builder so that the owner is able to get home warranty insurance. This insurance covers the first six years of a home built or extensively renovated by an owner builder so that they are protected on major works that cost more than $20,000. If the home is sold in the first six years, the insurance will transfer to the new owner for the remaining period of the six years.

Essentially, the home owner warranty report provides the information that the insurer needs in order to cover the home. The report is usually valid for six months. If the defects found in the report are not addressed within the six months, the insurance will not include the defects.