Dear Jeffrey,

A big thank you for undertaking the Pre-Purchase Inspection on our large and also aging Commercial Property.

Firstly, we were on a very stringent time frame to make a decision as to whether to proceed with the purchase. The building inspection was paramount to our decision and time was of the essence. You were prompt with your inspection appointment and the very concise report followed the very next morning. Much Appreciated.

As mentioned, the report was very concise and detailed – literally examining every square metre of the complex. This included all the floors, walls, roof, services etc for the building and also the yard improvements & fences. Your professional eye picked up even the tiniest of faults. All these faults are documented and well-illustrated with the inclusion of your many photographs.

The photographs were not pretty and we appreciated your honest opinion that the building was “below average”. There were many issues to consider, and in the end we still decided to proceed with the purchase. We will utilise your report to decide priorities for repairs to be undertaken over time.

Peter from Sydney