If you are looking to purchase or sell a home in the Australia, you will need to engage an experienced home inspector to conduct a thorough job.

Choosing a home inspection service not a decision that you will want to take lightly. The first factor that you will want to look into is whether the home inspection companies that you are looking at perform services that are in full compliance with the Australian Standards.

Qualifications and Experience

While the average home inspection fee amounts to anywhere between $350 and $500, which may be quite steep for some individuals, the value of a home inspection is priceless. A professional home inspection could make all the difference in converting a potential purchase or sale. Nowadays, there are a number of home inspection services available, but not all of these services have the requisite qualifications and business practices. It is the responsibility of the buyer or homeowner to find a service that has developed a firm reputation within the industry for ethical and compliance practices.

The Process

When you first choose a home inspection service, it is wise to ask for references. You will want to discover the kind of experience a home inspection service has, with regard to the nature of the property in question, and their qualifications. You will need to determine their process and the duration of time taken by them to conduct a home inspection. Finally, you will also want to fully identify the cost of the home inspection, and whether the company offers any indemnity on valuation.

Monitoring a Home Inspection

Even though asking for credentials is important, when a home inspection takes place, it is a good idea that you are present to supervise it. Home inspections will usually involve checking the plumbing, structural integrity of the property, the electrical wiring, the roofing and the HVAC efficiency. When these inspections take place, you should be able to communicate with your home inspector regarding any issues or damage that the property has sustained. If your home inspector has experience valuing other properties in the area, you may even want to get in touch with other nearby property owners to find out the average for which the property is being sold.