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Home Inspection “Roof Checks”: What You Should be Looking For

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Roof inspection is one of the most overlooked aspects of a home inspection process. Much to our ignorance, it is perhaps one of the most critical aspects that could eventually turn around your buying decision. Make sure that you are present at the time of roof inspection, when you get a professional home inspector to do a review report for the potential buy. The overall condition of the existing roof installation needs to be checked along with the possibilities of any leaks damaging the roof.

A thorough inspection of the roof should include the following:

  • Determining the existing condition of the shingles and other areas that may have become weak over a period of time due to natural damage
  • Checking the ventilation in the attic along with any signs of damage by water
  • Undertaking a capacity check related to downpipes and gutters
  • Cleaning up of the gutters as well as the surface area by getting rid of all dirt and debris
  • Overall repair of all the weak areas

Checkpoints for roof inspection

It is important to check if the deck of the roof is sagging at any point, if there is any light coming in from a hole/opening, ir if there are any leakages. As far as the exterior of the roof is concerned, the following points need close attention in addition to those mentioned above:

  • Inspect the roof thoroughly for any debris collected around the pipes, chimneys and vents
  • Signs of wearing of the roof include excessive amount of shingle grains in the gutter
  • It is very important to look for moisture, mold or rot. You might not see moisture spots right under a damaged shingle. Water can actually seep down to lowest possible area before it starts dripping. When there is water seepage, problems related to bacteria, fungi and mold are fast to develop.
  • Another important element of roof inspection is to ensure that the dryer vents of the kitchen and bathroom are directed completely outside the house and not just outside the attic
  • Last but not the least, be present with the home inspector at the time of inspection to make sure that each of the above points are closely inspected and you get to stay under a solid roof.
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