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Home Inspection Myths that You Thought Were True

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It has become common for homeowners across the country, to conduct specialized home inspections on their properties before putting them up for sale. However, any potential buyer must first understand the limitations of a home inspection. A professional home inspection service can do wonders in assessing the value of a property, and recommending repairs and renovations, but it must be acknowledged that there are many factors that a home inspector is not required to consider. Let us dispel a few myths around home inspection that many continue to believe to be true.

Home inspector’s report includes everything

The first of these myths is the understanding that a home inspection report will detail absolutely everything related to a property. A home inspector is only expected to carry out a visual examination of a property. A home inspector’s report will certainly list various deficiencies in the property, but tagging along with the inspector when the property is being assessed, will hold you in good stead as you undertake repairs.

Developing a relationship with your home inspection service, will ultimately put you in a leveraged position. If you are present during the inspection, home inspectors will make it a point to provide important maintenance tips and practices that you would otherwise not be privy to. Also, simply being present during the inspection and quizzing your home inspector, will also help you understand your property much better.

Home inspections are the same as home appraisals

The second misconception around home inspections is that they are equivalent to a home appraisal. Real estate agents always try to encourage homeowners to carry out home inspections, rather than full appraisals, when property is up for sale. However, the truth is that real estate agents work on a commission basis, and harbor loyalties towards sellers. While home inspections can give you a great understanding of the damages on your property, and the repairs required, getting a home appraisal performed on your property will help in increasing its value.

Home inspectors will tell you exactly what’s going to go wrong

Finally, home inspectors are often assumed to detail every single deficiency on a property and provide you with a full report. While home inspectors will certainly inspect plumbing, roofing and electrical systems, it is important to understand that they only conduct visual inspections. For example, a home inspector will not be able to deduce if the walls are prone to water damage. Home inspectors will not be able to accurately anticipate future problems that a property might have.

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    Resi Inspect founder Jeffrey Halpin has been a quality licensed builder for over 30 years. 

    Over 10 years ago, Jeffrey  felt it was wrong for builders to provide reports as well as quote for works to be done as it showed a conflict of interest so he became an independent Inspection Report provider.

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    Resi Inspect have over 35 year experience and will not compromise their high quality ethics & services standards to their clients.

    Resi Inspect also understand that some clients may not fully understand the reports so we provide an explanatory client explanation session free.  Some clients find it difficult to relate the outcomes of the reports  to their banks or solicitors so we can assist further if required.

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