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Home Inspection Facts that Can Help You Get the Home You Paid For

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Home inspection professionals are required to undertake extensive examinations before they can receive their qualifications. To receive a license, a home inspector will need to be properly trained, through educational programs that not only detail the tasks they are required to perform, but also communicate important standards of practice and ethical considerations. Home inspectors offer a range of services, but they are not to be confused with a home appraisal or a building code inspection service.

Over the course of a home inspection, an inspector will visually assess the interior and exterior of your home. This will include the roofing, walls, windows, floors, ceiling, electrical wiring, basic plumbing, basements, attics, and the general foundation of your property. However, it is not the responsibility of the home inspector to uncover problems that are not visible to the naked eye.

Timing is everything

It is extremely important to carry out a home inspection before a property is purchased, in order to save on repair costs, or to uncover problems with a property that may even prevent the sale proceeding. Before a buyer signs a purchase agreement, it is his/her responsibility to engage a home inspection service. Moreover, the buyer and the seller must also enter into a pre-purchase agreement that carefully stipulates each party’s obligations regarding repair and maintenance.

Be a part of the inspection

Home inspectors do not require potential buyers to be present during the inspection. However, it is highly recommended that buyers tag along with the home inspector when the process is being undertaken. This will allow the buyers to gain a basic understanding of the property they are looking to purchase, while also ensuring that the home inspector conducts work thoroughly and professionally.

Once the inspection is complete, home inspectors are required to provide detailed reports of the property to the buyer. A buyer who has been a part of the inspection, will be able to understand the report better, and perhaps even point out inaccuracies in the report.

What home inspectors do not do

While home inspections are common practice nowadays, home inspectors are not required to undertake particular tasks. When you hire a home inspector, request for a thorough checklist of the services offered. You will also want to consult your home inspector to find out what other services may need to be hired to protect your property from unanticipated repair costs.

Other tests like water quality testing, insect infestation proneness, air quality testing, and environmental tests may also need to be performed. These tests are not part of the home inspection package and may be available for an additional charge.

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